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"Design is subjective, which creates lively conversation. But quality, well, that's never up for discussion. It either is, or it isn't and you choose what you want to surround yourself with. "

~ Sheri Wayt 


"We in Western society have largely become “observers” rather than “doers”... I believe that the decline in appreciation of Craftsmanship is at the root of this trend, and that this trend must be reversed for us to survive. " ~ William L. Gould.

Every artist, every designer, has their own vision of beauty. At Alan & Leigh our goal is to bring together a
group of artisans and craftsmen that represent impeccable quality, intriguing design, color, functionality,
and sustainability. And in our opinion, it's wonderful that all of these gorgeous items are expertly crafted
in the USA. We invite you to explore our lines and encourage you to contact us for more information.
Remember, nearly everything you see on the following pages can be customized , ensuring that your purchase
is unique  and refective of the design you have  in mind.  

Alan & Leigh is a Sales and Marketing agency offering sales representation and consultation throughout the United States. Sheri Wayt, Principal, has been in the wholesale furniture, lighting, gift, art and tabletop industry for over 20- years.

A&L's primary goal is to partner with like-minded wholesale to retail manufacturers, skilled craftsmen, up and coming artisans, and overall visionaries who envision the furniture, gift, home and personal accessory market in a whole new way.

We offer a commitment to design, quality, workmanship, and most of all, customer service. This commitment ensures that we connect with the very best designers, retailers and architects within the industry, introducing exciting wholesale manufacturers to the trade, all  whom have a story to tell. 

We represent artisans that truly care about the products they create. The evidence is in the details; product, packaging, and marketing materials are all impeccably produced and delivered on time, every time.

We promote products that are attractively priced, yet offer a very high-perceived value.  Products that will turn within the retail environment several times annually offering our customers the margin they need to be successful.

Our product lines are all designed and or made in the USA, Canada, or Europe with a focus on sustainability and an extreme commitment to the environment. If a line is produced overseas we make sure that the manufacturer owns the factory, which ensures environmentally safe practices and a commitment to the employees that produce the products we distribute. 

Alan & Leigh is proud to represent a distinctive collection of beautiful objects for the furniture, gift, home and personal accessories market. We invite you to explore our offering to find something new and exciting for your retail store! 

My very best! 

Sheri LeighWayt